Learning how to learn and sharing to inspire

Growing up on the countryside I always loved nature. My parents are hobby botanists and genuinly care for human beings and the world we live in. I continue this path by trying to understand natures design principles and applying these to scaleable technology to make the world a more awesome place.

What ultimately matters in understanding life are its functions, not its particular building blocks.

So far I've studied the function of many different physical, biological, organismal and human-made systems on time and size-scales reaching from nanometers and femtoseconds all the way to decade long disease tracking of the human body. Transversal skills from many different aspects of science, technology, business and art helps me see the world through many different lenses all with the goal of gaining a more complete picture, empathy and the ability to flexibly discover and explore potential connections between seemingly disparate problems and solutions.  

Translating an idea into something practical and useful for other people puts your ideas to the test and gives feedback on the actual feasibility and complexity of the problem. You'll for sure learn something along the way and gain will get better at during the next try and in the best case improve the lives of others.

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. - Neil Gaiman

To reflect and synthesize the gathered learning along the way I try to clearly communicate the gist of a topic to others. I love to share my knowledge, inspire and be inspired.

Thank You for reading!

My general interests


I studied physics and the quantum world to understand what information is. Neuro- and molecularbiology thought me about perception and information processing. AI enables me to tinker with human knowledge.


Science is just a tool-set to understand the world. Putting it to practice to make the world a better place while inspiring others to do the same is extremely motivating.


I spent most of the teens in rehearsal rooms playing drums and piano. Nowadays, I program jazzy-elektronika at home and sometimes play live with friends in Vienna.


Using photography to elevate mundane objects or moments to show their inherent beauty is what I try while traveling. This way I focus much more on the moment and form more vivid memories.

Why Toph

Well, Christoph is a) too long to type and b) loaded with religious symbolism. Why not Buddahtoph, AllahToph, Thortoph or Quetzalcoatltoph? Let's stay agnostic until there is a clear winning supernatural entity agreed upon.


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