Vienna Grump-AI: Your Personal Chatbot Serving Authentic Viennese Insults from the World's 'Unfriendliest' Capital!

Photo by daniel plan / Unsplash

🌍🏆 Austria, known for its high quality of life, has paradoxically been dubbed the world's most 'unfriendly' country.

Expats working with me told me they require assistance by "emotional support Austrians" when having to visit a post-office or MA35 in person due to the unique Viennese way of communication.

But don't be deterred! This is a unique part of the Austrian charm, especially in Vienna.

🤖 To help you experience this distinctive culture from afar, I've trained an AI, Vienna Grump-AI, to simulate the quintessential Viennese interactions. It follows the classic sentence structure: "Heast - Subject - Predicate - Insult - Oida."

Whether you're missing the 🗣️ random insults on the street, the 🍽️ waiter's wit, or even the 🚇 U6 subway grumpiness, Vienna Grump-AI lets you create your own Viennese experiences.

🔗 Dive into the unique Austrian culture with Vienna Grump-AI by continuing the conversation here:

Enjoy the ride! 😄

Example outputs

This happened to my Uncle once at the Gloriette.


‌ ‌Idea based on an article by in the Kurier. Based on GPT3.5 (for easier use of non-subscrition users of GPT)
Christoph Götz

Christoph Götz